Our Team

William J Jolicoeur III (Bill), B.S. Detailed Bio

Bill Jolicoeur brings over forty years of experience serving the Financial Service Industries, thirty four were serving the Corporate and Consumer needs of Credit Unions and insurance industries.

Expertise:  Strategy Development, Product Development, Integrated Distribution Channels, Strategic Alliance Management and Negotiations, Contracting, Financial Analysis and Planning, Marketing Segmentation and Leadership Development


David W Marold (Dave), M.B.A.  Detailed Bio

Dave brings over 30 years of experience in serving the automotive, financial services and educator.

Expertise:  Direct / Inactive Marketing / CRM, Integrated Marketing, Marketing Management, Executive Leadership/Management, Turnaround/Change Management, and Sales / Relationship Management


Anita L Torres, M.S., CPLP  Detailed Bio 

Anita brings over 25 years of experience serving a variety of financial, insurance and business service organizations.

Expertise:  Certified Professional in Learning and Performance, Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Designing and Developing Affinity Selling Curriculum, Designing and Developing Virtual Selling and Management Development Programs, Business Development, and  Project Management


Judy Ring, M.B.A.  Detailed Bio

Judy Ring brings over twenty four years of experience serving the Financial Services Industry.

Expertise: Project Management, Strategic Planning and Business Plan Development, Technical Help Desk Management and Support, System Testing and Training, and Executive Support and Reporting


Lois A Zajac, M.S.M  Detailed Bio

Lois Zajac brings over thirty-six years of experience serving the Financial Services Industries and consumer needs of Credit Unions and Insurance Companies.

Expertise:  Product Management, Business Planning, Multichannel Marketing and Distribution,
Sales and Customer Service Call Center Management, Agency Management.  Creating a Consistent, Superior Customer Experience, Account Development Management, Product Cross-sale and Policyholder Retention Strategies, Strategic Alliance and Partner Relationship Management, Develop and Negotiate Partnership Service Level and Operational Agreements, Manage day-to-day operations of Strategic Alliances and Cross Functional Teams


Keith Nelson, FSA, MAAA Detailed Bio

Keith Nelson brings nearly forty years of experience serving the Financial Services Industry including services to credit unions, community/regional banks, other lenders, insurance companies, reinsurance companies, government entities and more.

Expertise:  Actuarial, General Finance, Product Design, Pricing, Product Management, Underwriting, Financial Modeling, Analysis and Planning, Reserves/Valuations, Operations/Administration, Relationship
Management, Personnel Management, Executive Management, Information Technology, and Compliance/Regulatory Advocacy.


Steven T Mintz, M.B.A.  Detailed Bio

Steve Mintz brings over twenty years of experience in Marketing in a variety of industries (financial services, insurance, consumer packaged goods, apparel, appliances, and hospitality/entertainment), including eight years in Financial Services, serving the consumer needs of Credit Unions and Insurance Companies.

Expertise:  Direct Marketing, CRM, Affinity Marketing, Integrated Marketing Campaigns, Product Management, Project Management, Digital Marketing (Email, SEO and SEM), Marketing Research, Brand Management, Sales Promotions, Field Marketing, Customer Satisfaction, New Customer Acquisition, Product Cross-Sale and Policyholder Retention Strategies. Partner Relationship Management (Analysis of business needs, RFP process and partner selection, develop and negotiate partnership service level and operational agreements). Manage day-to-day operations of Cross Functional Teams.


Karen Kollath, B.S. Detailed Full Bio

Karen brings over 20 years’ experience serving the financial and insurance industry

Expertise: Actuarial, General Finance, Product Design, Pricing, Product Management, Financial Modeling, Analysis, Reserves/Valuations, Business and Domain Knowledge, Strong Communication, Advanced Analytics.

Product Expertise: Auto, Home, Life, Disability Including Credit /Debt Protection