About Us

Jolicoeur & Associates Risk Solutions, LLC, a business advisory and product development firm dedicated to providing Insurance Companies innovative, realistic and practical business solutions.

Our Guiding Principles 


Build Client Partnership

  • Develop strong partner relationships based on mutual trust and respect
  • Thorough understanding of partner’s business model, their clients and markets
  • Develop innovative, realistic and practical solutions to satisfy their strategic needs
  • Compensation tied to our partner clients success


Solution Development

  • Strong product – to – market turn key solutions
  • Conduct competitive analysis to identify product / market opportunities
  • Product, manufacturing / outsourcing, and distribution development strategy planning
  • Identify opportunities to bridge partner client products into new markets or embed into the portfolio of other providers
  • Identify product and distribution repositioning opportunities



Operate Under a Strong Code of Ethics

  • Safeguarding confidential information
  • Rendering impartial, independent advise
  • Accepting engagements we are qualified to perform




  • Good stewards of your brand
  • Share profits with non-profit organizations supporting independent living solutions for developmentally and mentally disabled individuals