Andree Ring

Andree Ring Detailed Bio


Marketing Creative and Website Design Consultant





Consulting Practice – Marketing creative, website management and logo designs.

In addition to consulting for Jolicoeur & Associates, Andree is Founder and President, of Andree Ring Photography, LLC:  Specializing in graphic design/branding, marketing collateral design and development, WordPress website design and development, videography, and photography (landscape, macro, portrait, real estate, sports, and aerial) and staff training and project collaboration.

Prior to joining Jolicoeur & Associates, Andree developed creative material for the Northern Michigan University Marketing and Communications Department creating advertising for the university and its events (including print and digital ads) using graphic design, photography, and videography (production and editing) as well as photographing events and other subjects for the website, social media, and advertisement content for the university.




  • Permanent photography installments in multiple businesses.
  • Exhibited in multiple photography shows.
  • Photography Mentorship program instructor for disabled students.
  • NCAA Varsity Volleyball Collegiate Athlete – received Academic Excellence Awards and Athletic scholarship.
  • Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Bridge, Microsoft Word/PowerPoint/Excel.




Bachelor of Arts in Art and Design with emphasis in Photography, minor in Marketing from Northern Michigan University.