Karen Kollath






¨ Consultant Jolicoeur & Associates providing Product Design, Pricing, Product Management, Reserves/Valuations, Financial Modeling, Underwriting Systems Development, Direct Advanced Analytics, Management, Planning, Information Technology and Compliance/Regulatory Advocacy.

Prior to joining Jolicoeur & Associates, Karen held many management roles at CUNA Mutual Group, Madison, Wisconsin in areas of Actuarial, Finance and Data Science. Since 2012, Karen has provided leadership to senior leaders and directed advanced analytics teams through the design, development and operationalization of advanced analytics to support business goals.

Karen has the unique ability to communicate complicated concepts to all levels from inexperienced new hires to technical staff to senior level executives.


Karen began her career with CUNA Mutual Insurance Group in 1994 and served in many actuarial and non-actuarial roles until 2017.  Since 2003, she has expanded this experience and relationships working directly, and indirectly, with a variety of companies.

In addition to her role as consultant with Jolicoeur & Associates, Karen is the Data Science Senior Manager at Kollath CPA.


Bachelor of Science, University of Wisconsin – Whitewater 1993 Major in Mathematics Minor in French

Associate of the Society of Actuaries